Thursday, May 29, 2014

Signing Off

     Today I regret to inform you but this is my last blogpost. I would like to thank my readers, and Mrs. L who taught science and made my blog happen. I would like to sign off with a science blog post. Science is all around us. Today I saw people playing basketball. Science is seen with gravity with the ball, motion, and force. I also saw people building a grape barber. Gravity is keeping it on the ground, and the grapes are using photosynthesis. I have had a wonderful time learning and sharing science.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Balloon Investigation

      I think the balloons will be different sizes. The biggest will be the biggest number. The smallest will be the smallest number.

  The investigation did not go as I predicted. The 5 mL. had 12 in. The 15 mL. had 13 in. The 10 mL. had 13 in. I predicted the 15 mL.  would have the most width. The investigation was to so which balloon would expand the most. We tested it by after 20 seconds we measure the width, and then record it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


For some of the year I had chosen to do a project on a Lego Mindstorm. I chose this project because I wanted to work with technology, and programming. I thought the project went okay it was fun and challenging. My team and I successfully programmed the bot to go out of the home room, but it crashed when it got close to its destination. Programming was a struggle because it did not always go where we wanted it to go. I learned many things. One thing I learned is that building a robot with people with different opinions is very hard. I would spend less time on building and more on programming. I think this project was a learning experience.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Five Bonus Points

      Today my class learned about atoms and matter. We watched a video about atoms and matter. Do you know matter is anything that takes up space.nMatter is made of atoms. Atoms are very very very small. Atoms are made of smaller parts. Water molecules is made of H2O(2helium and one oxygen). The Melting point is the point in temp. when a solid turns to a liquid. The Freezing point is when a liquid turns to a solid. The Boiling point is when a liquid turns to a gas. Some properties of matter are odor, color,density, hardness, and magnetism. H2O is hydrogen and oxygen molecules. I also learned the number of protons tells us what which element it is. Waters gas state is called water vapor.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Electrical Circuits

          Today my class and I watched a Brain Pop video about electrical circuits. Did you know electrical circuits have to be a complete circle to work. Did you know circuits power your everyday appliances like an oven. Did you know that when you flip a switch you are completing a circuit. Like in a flashlight. I learned so many things about electrical circuits, but these are only some of them.